Hospital Supply Chain Performance Self-Assessment Request

Hospital Supply Chain Performance Self-Assessment Request

To help providers better understand where their organizations perform on the cost-quality-outcomes (CQO) spectrum, Nexera created the Hospital Supply Chain Performance Self-Assessment. This free online tool breaks down the healthcare supply chain into 12 focus areas and, through a series of targeted questions, allows you to measure your current supply chain operations and helps you strategize how to achieve the next level of performance.

Each focus area consists of one or more attributes, and each attribute is defined by specific measures that reflect successive levels of performance ranging from Level I to Level VI, where Level VI represents optimal performance.

Simply complete the form and you will be automatically directed to the assessment. Once you complete the survey, Nexera will provide you with high-level results and the opportunity to discuss detailed findings in each focus area with one of our supply chain experts. You will also have the opportunity to share the survey with others in your organization so we can aggregate your results.

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